The Story Of Flagler College’s First 50 Years Told Through The People, Places And Things That Shaped It

Each of the 50 people, places and things that we selected represent a major milestone in the development of Flagler College. Our selections include the expected and the unexpected, ordinary, everyday objects and the extraordinary people that helped us turn nouns into verbs and change lives. Together, they tell our story. But it is not the complete story. Like all milestones, they indicate how far we have come. They do not measure the thousands of stepping stones, those everyday moments, the hard work and dedication, that got us to those key celebrated moments in our rich history.

Ponce Pioneers

Flagler College opened on September 23, 1968 with 180 female students, 17 faculty members and a library that was housed in the Parlor Room of the former Hotel Ponce de Leon. There were no real classrooms, the dorm rooms used to be hotel rooms, and you needed a compass to find the library. It made you wonder if this was how Harvard got started. Ponce Hall had plenty of old world charm, which meant no air conditioning, faulty plumbing, exposed beams, and peeling paint and plaster. The College was the ultimate handy-man special. The freshman class was majoring in survival. Our Ponce Pioneers were lost, but they didn’t need a GPS to know they were headed in the right direction.